Daily Life of Gadge Baba

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He earned his bread by working for the people. He would go to a potter in the village and knead his day to a carpenter and saw his wood or to a blacksmith and operate his bellows or help him fix iron tyres on cart wheels. If on the way he saw an old woman carrying a heavy load on her head he would reliae her of the burden and carry it for her to her house. He would enter a field and help the peasants in their work. An adept hand in farm work. When he did not get work, he would go from door to door for food like a begger from the gate outside he would callout “Bhakar vadh ga baya” (o lady of the house bring bread for me). At night time Gadge Baba began his Kirtan his ringing slogan ‘ Gopala Gopala ! Devakinandan Gopala ’. He asked various types question in Kirtan like as -How many Gods are there ? people speak chorus ‘one’, that one God is the human.
He carried out his extensive Kirtan compaigns with the sole object of making people with futility of time barred customs and irrational practices and develop a rational and robust outlook of life for instance merely telling people that superstitions were a stupidity was hardly enough. What was needed was to provide them with modern education which alone could dispel ignorance and superstitions.